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Disruptive Innovation; Revolution of no blood and Enugu's bargain of smartness.

By Kelvin   | 14 May, 2023 12:38:41pm | 138

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By Ajuluchukwu Ezeakor

Leaders are born as they evolve to actualize potential, nurture talents, create niches and unravel the mystery of success, growth and development. An unbroken jinx protrudes in every action of an individual but courage surmounts it to reflect the desire, hopes, aspirations and goals of the character. 

Enugu State has produced Governors, Commanders, Leaders and Chiefs since the retrieval of democracy in 1999 and all have strived to augment the developmental gains of the state, no matter the insignificant of such moves to different perspectives or sentiments held by some people.


It is superficial to rate a person's acceptability to be general when he waxes in mastery, wealth, calmness, courage and purpose-driven as many will be envious of such industrious traits possessed by a single man.

Elections have come and gone while the resounding statement made by Ndi Enugu reecho in every nook and cranny of the country as men of knowledge and uncommon feats across the nation were drafted to superintend the historical policies devoid of sentiment, clannishness, bigotry and factions that will birth a new Enugu of hope and answers. 


Barr Peter Mbah is the cheat code for unlocking the economic fortunes of our dear state, his statement of purpose is all-encompassing while the will to achieve greatness is unquestionable as his demonstrations on what is to be done, how they are to be done and where they are to be done are glaring and deafening to the blind and deaf respectively, the wholistic approach adopted by soon to be sworn in Governor of Enugu State has left nothing bedevilling the state unturned and unanalysed while remedies are fashioned out to annihilate the multidimensional issues enveloping the state. 


Peter Mbah's proactive approach towards issues affecting the state reflects in his tireless consultations with the drivers of the economy, having seen him have beneficial meetings with international and local bodies notable but not limited to Bayern Munich towards enhancing training and shaping the raw talents of young footballers deposited in Enugu, actors and actresses was visible throughout the campaign period indicating eagerness in nurturing interested population. In his resolve to ameliorate the perennial water scarcity in the state, materials and necessary personnel are in place to deliver water to every home in Enugu metropolitan area within 180 days in the office to be decentralised to various parts of the state as the administration proceeds with its service delivery. The desire and commitment UNICEF offered to partner with the administration in achieving its promises embody realistically the practicability of the manifesto Peter presented to Ndi Enugu which few people in the opposition leveraged to spread lies and hopelessness in a bid to deny our people from having the best.

From Agricultural advancement to industrialisation and from talents in social activities to information, communication and technology all lay credence to readiness to unleash and provoke Enugu State to maximise the very essence of its creation. 

Fortunately, a wealth creator is a job creator, with minimal resources Pinnacle was established and groomed to an enviable height, accommodating thousands of people as employees a bold statement of the transformational story to be experienced in Enugu. 


Correlating the tactful steps, resolves and plans designed by the oil mogul taking over the mantle of leadership in Enugu with the expected results suffices to tag "revolution without blood" ranging from the number of kilometres of road to be constructed, to revolutionizing agriculture with intentions of being sufficient and able to export much produce, assuaging the increasing need to curtail over-reliant on white collar jobs when there are numerous means of evacuating youths from the street of unemployment, insecurity is gradually becoming more pronounced with incessant attacks and kidnap orchestrated by activities of unknown elements that cashed out on the mental vulnerability of south easterners to secede from the country but emerging stories and plans have indicated near the end for such nefarious acts of ignoramuses. Human capital development, Health, and other segments of the system are to receive urgent attention which will cause an unimaginable shake-up and changes within the state. 


Enugu made the smartest and most informed decision to queue behind Barr Peter Mbah during the election and the benefits will not elude them. 

Ajuluchukwu Ezeakor writes from Ukpabi-Nimbo.


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