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Chijioke Jonathan Edeoga Booed and Dismissed at ECCIMA Town Hall Meeting

By Cherish   | 08 Nov, 2022 10:07:08pm | 274

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By Ezema Igwenunu

The factional governorship candidate of Labour Party in Enugu State, Chijioke Jonathan Edeoga was today booed by the audience at the town hall meeting organized by Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mining and Agriculture,following his dismal performance at the place.

Edeoga had thought to speak extempore like Peter Mbah of the PDP who had taken the first turn at the occasion where he creditably discharged himself to the applause, approval and acceptance of the audience and the organizers of the meeting. Edeoga was fidgety while making his presentation. It was clear Edeoga had no manifesto. He was so fixated on private sector driven economy, something he had heard from Peter Mbah without proper knowledge of what it entails. Edeoga had no blueprint for economic growth unlike Peter Mbah whose transformative agenda has clear strategic objectives and financial models attached to them.

All through the said presentation, Edeoga was inarticulate as he struggled with words, not knowing the right terms to use and could not speak the language of business and economy. No one was surprised because Edeoga was not prepared for leadership. All he wanted was to become governor by means of whipping the sentiment of false claims to the marginalization of Isi-Uzo and playing irredentist politics of deceit,and mudslinging his opponents.

It was a payback time for Edeoga. His tongue malingered as he stuttered incoherently all through the masturbatory presentation. The audience was apparently enmeshed in vicarious shame. From mumurring, the audience grew into a wild outburst of paroxysmal shouts of disappointing disapproval, leading to the intervention of the master of ceremonies and the chairman of the occasion who took the microphone from Edeoga, and euphemistically commended him for the courage of speaking extempore, but quickly chipped in that reading from a prepared speech could have doused his stage fright. The chairman had tried to be as diplomatic and civil as he could while he called Edeoga's dismal performance which is a sign of ignorance and utter ineptitude stage fright.

Many of Edeoga's followers bowed their heads in shame and tried to douse the pangs of his dismal performance as they sang 'Edeoga bu member,' as he was shamefully escorted out of the auditorium.

As soon as he came out of the auditorium, journalists lurking about the place swooped on him, but his men shielded him from them and whisked him away into the Prado jeep he had acquired as official car while serving as commissioner in the Ugwuanyi administration.

The people of Enugu State are being exposed to the political charade and ineptitude called Chijioke Edeoga. Already, the Obidients have seen through his hollowness of an empty cymbal and have disassociated themselves from him, while emphatically saying that they are P-squared: Peter Obi for presidency and Peter Mbah for the governorship of Enugu State. This is the winnowing off the chaff from the wheat as Onyishi had advised. Political miscreants and ne'er-do-wells like Chijioke Edeoga seeking to ride on Obi's wave crest are gradually being exposed. 

Ndi Enugu, caveat emptor.

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