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Chijioke Edeoga: The Grand Patron of Social Media Banditry

By Cherish   | 06 Nov, 2022 05:42:47am | 111 views

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By Sunday Edeani

The manner in which the factional governorship candidate of the Labour Party in Enugu State, Chijioke Edeoga is weaponizing defamations, fake news and calumny against the incoming Governor of Enugu State, Barr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah only shows how unfit he is for any leadership position.

While Mbah busies himself exploring ways to improve the lives of the people of Ndi Enugu when he becomes governor, Edeoga is obsessed with character assassination, calumniations and peddling of cheap and easily discreditable falsehoods. Edeoga appears to believe that a governorship race is all about smearing opponents while claiming the moral high ground of sainthood. 

Edeoga whose governorship ambition was jinxed from the start, as he was resoundingly rejected by his Mgbuji - Eha Amufu community and the people and leaders of Isi Uzo, even on the very day of the flag-off of his campaign, is running from pillar to post, clutching at every straw to give some traction to his sinking guber project. 

Obviously unprepared for governance and unable to put together a programme of action that will confer some seriousness on his tarnished candidacy, Edeoga has immersed himself in propaganda, disinformation and churning out of fictive stories from his fake news brewery. A few days ago, his camp released yet another hotchpotch of half-truths and outright fabrications cobbled together by one senescent and demented Dons Eze ascribing some false statements to the PDP governorship candidate, Barr. Peter Mbah in an attempt to mislead the public.

The truth, which the notorious Grand Patron of social media banditry, Chijioke Edeoga and his ragtag army of hirelings fail to understand is that the people of Enugu State are not that gullible. They cannnot be hoodwinked by a Machiavellian governorship pretender whose quarter-of-a-century records of public service are besmirched by gross incompetence, selfishness and avarice, sexual debauchery, evil machinations and highhandedness against his community folks. 

Edeoga, a failed Commissioner for Environment under whose watch, the scenic ambiance of the Coal City was everywhere blighted by malodorous garbage heaps, cannot preach to us about good governance. By their fruits ye shall know them.  

Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah Esq is a well-bred son of Enugu State with antecedents that sparkle with brilliance, excellence and top notch achievements. He is too cerebral and articulate to be connected with the rambling comments ascribed to him by the ill-famed Edeoga hack writer and media hit man, Dons Eze in his ridiculous trash titled "UGWUANYI HAS PERFORMED CREDITABLY, I’LL CONTINUE WHERE HE STOPS – PETER MBAH".

Peter Mbah is a successful technocrat and businessman with proven integrity. His achievements in the Oil and Gas sector speak for themselves. No less a personality than the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria recently celebrated his entrepreneurial success and ingenuity. 

It was a feat achieved through disruptive innovation and prudent resources management. Thus, for any miscreant to think that Peter Mbah is coming to do things in the conventional way or merely copy what others have done is not only laughable but an exhibition of ignorance.

Anyone who reads through the rich contents of Peter Mbah's manifesto will appreciate the meaning of his popular mantra, "DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION". The innovative thinkings packed into the manifesto alone are enough to convince doubting Thomases and naysayers that Peter Mbah is coming to govern Enugu State with an entirely novel approach and ideology. 

In the same imaginative masterpiece manifesto, Mbah states unequivocally that his administration will construct 10,000 kilometers of road within the eight (8) uninterrupted years of his administration. It is therefore idiotic for Dons Eze who is not different from a brainless lunatic to ridiculously quote Peter Mbah as saying that “If I’m elected the Governor by 2023, I will continue to maintain the existing roads in Enugu, I will make sure that every pothole is filled”. Even an illiterate who can't read the manifesto must have heard Dr. Peter Mbah saying he will build new roads in urban and rural areas, and to the agro-allied processing zones in the 3 senatorial zones of the state.

Those who have worked closely with Chijioke Edeoga in the recent past have publicly called for the psychiatric evaluation of the man whose desperation for the Lion Building knows no bounds. Needless to say that the daily gibberish churned out by him and his media urchins should be disregarded and treated as the products of unhinged minds. They deserve our sympathy.

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