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Alor-Agu Community elects a new Traditional Ruler

By Nnaji   | 04 Sep, 2022 09:10:43am | 200 views

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Appeals to Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to issue a certificate of recognition to their Igwe-Elect

By Godwin Erochukwu Ugwu

It is quite remarkable and applauding that His Excellency, Rt Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has through the Ministry of Chieftaincy Affairs in Enugu state done wonderfully well in ensuring that traditional rulers are carried along in his administration as their influence in ensuring sustainable growth and development in the state cannot be undermined. 

However, it is under par and heartbreaking that my community, Alor-Agu in Igbo-Eze South LGA of Enugu state has been without an Igwe for four (4) solid years, since we lost our former Igwe, HRH S.O. Ameh in 2018. After one year mourning period of the late Igwe according to our tradition, the community through #Amikpo clan which it is their turn to produce the next Igwe of the community had on October 7, 2019 selected Mr Ugwuanyi Christian (a retired headmaster) on merit as their candidate for the Igweship throne in the community as permitted in the tradition and constitution of the community's town union, Alor-Agu Progressive Union (AAPU) and in accordance with the Enugu State Traditional Rulers Law, Cap 151, Revised Laws of Enugu State, 2004.

The Alor-Agu Progressive Union, AAPU had also endorsed Mr Christian Ugwuanyi as their Igwe-Elect and even sent delegates led by the then Town Union President, Barr. Cosmas Ugwu on the 30th of December, 2019 who presented the Igwe-Elect, Mr Christian Ugwuanyi to the Igbo-Eze South Local Government Area Chairman at the time, Hon. Peter Andy Omeje. The Chairman warmly received them and promised to forward all the necessary documents to the state government to ensure that the certificate of recognition is issued to Mr Christian Ugwuanyi as soon as possible.

Besides, it is worthy of note that Alor-Agu community is made up three (3) clans comprising twenty eight (28) villages but due to the crisis associated with the selection of Igwe in the past, they made a constitution allowing the throne to rotate among the three clans, viz Uwani, Ejuona and Amikpo. And from inception, every clan peacefully selects their best candidate and presents to the community for recognition and endorsement.

Unfortunately, due to the undue interferences after they have carried out all the constitutional requirements in the selection of Igwe in the community, on the 10th of August 2020, the elders of Amikpo clan which are made up of the family heads and title holders of Amikpo cried out to the Governor to intervene in the issue, noting that they have waited too long to receive the certificate of recognition (warrant) from the Ministry of Chieftaincy Matters.

The outcry was made when they took the issue of the Igweship to some deities _ Adoro, Nwada Adoro, Ngwu Adoro and Ngwu Nwada. in the community to prevent those who want to use political might, influence and money to sabotage their efforts which produced Mr Christian Ugwuanyi as their Igwe-Elect from carrying out their negative plans. The elders had gone spiritual in order to avert the undue interferences from non-Amikpo people who are taking steps to see that the Igwe-Elect does not get the warrant from the state government and to invariably secure the warrant through backdoor to install their preferred candidate.

It is saddening that my community is currently stagnant as we do not have an Igwe and a Town Union President because the issues associated with the former has been the prevailing issue with the success of the latter. Thus, I am appealing to Governor Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi and the Commissioner for Chieftaincy Affairs, Dr. Charles Egumgbe to issue the Certificate of Recognition to Mr. Christian Ugwuanyi in the shortest possible time to save my community from a lot of deteriorative issues.

The importance of traditional rulers cannot be overemphasized in any community as they are not just custodians of culture and traditions but also help in conflict resolution in their communities, act as communication channels between the people and governments, help to maintain the security of lives and property in their area, mobilize community resources for government or community initiated development and also aid the promotion of peace and communal relationship in our neighbouring communities.

With an Igwe in my community, through discussion and advice, we can effectively coordinate development plans that will help my community (Alor-Agu), Igbo-Eze South LGA and the state government at large, attract development programmes from NGOs and philanthropists to my community, and even offer advisory solutions to specific problems affecting our local government area.

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